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This is our best-kept family secret to building monstrous amounts of muscle. These are the same methods we use to prepare our clients for the big screen and make jaw dropping transformations. The Freak Muscle course is yours - completely free.

Ever wish you could get a do-over? Here's your one opportunity to kick start your fat loss into high gear. The FRESH START is a highly-effective free protocol designed to get you results fast and have you looking as good as you'll feel. 

In addition to being strength coaches, we pride ourselves as story tellers. Visit our blog for our latest musings within the gym's mirrored walls, experiences beyond our workouts, and how we bring strength earned by the iron to every facet in our lives.

Family. Redefined.
Become the boss of building muscle, increasing strength, and living your dream life. 

Who better than two brothers to send you weekly emails to share our absolute best tactics for a bad-ass body and share some laughs with our most entertaining stories.
Yo, Eric & Ryan Johnson here.

Sons of Strength is the alias of Eric Johnson and Ryan Johnson. Men’s Fitness proclaimed they “popped out the womb like little baby Supermen”. When these two bros aren’t competing in the gym or at the dinner table, they're making pop culture references on their blog, creating superheroes (and villains) in the movies, and kissing babies. 

Oh yeah, and they believe in fitness.

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