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The Problems Behind Detoxing For Fat Loss

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It’s bound to happen at one point or another. No one is immune.

Holidays. Vacations. Time of distress. Time of celebration. 

These occurrences can get the best of us and take full advantage to our waistline. 

In these periods, you have given zero fucks when it comes to your diet, body, or health. Forget tracking food, let alone counting macros. Workout? Hell, simply thinking about working out starts to make you sweat.

We can just call it a vacation of sorts. Which is greatly needed at moments. But all “good” things, it must come to an end.

Don’t worry…what happens on cheat day week month, stays there. Except for the epic ones. Those must be shared.

Like that one time Ryan ate 8 scoops of ice cream, 4 toppings, and an entire can of whipped cream, all for his name on a wall somewhere in Maryland. Not too mention, it was immediately after a feast of all-you-can-eat crabs or the fact that he later discovered his lactose intolerant.

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Since the media, latest issue of People, or your pushy friend has already ingrained the idea of a detox or juice cleanse in your mind, you believe that’s the only solution to get back on track. You’re sold on the promises of a quick fix in a short duration. 

What’s not to love…You will lose weight quickly and get healthy without having to think about what you’re going to eat. You just have to drink 4 to 6 vegetable concoctions are a day and Voila´!

The problem is you’re sending 

What you really want is to LOSE FAT and improve your body composition.

Sure, getting healthier is a great step to get there. But ultimately, you chose a week long detox to get leaner and not necessarily to remove the hundreds of accumulated toxic chemicals that have developed before birth.

Now that we all can agree on what you ultimately accomplish, let’s show you how to do just that. But first, let’s break down exactly why that juice cleanse or detox won’t change your body. 

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First of all, a majority of your weight loss while on a cleanse will be a direct result of a reduction in water, carbohydrate stores, and intestinal bulk. The main reason for this temporary weight loss is depleted glycogen stores.

Once that detox is complete, it will only take a few hours to a day or two to gain all of that “weight loss” back. Smoke and mirrors, my friends.


The second problem we run into is that your caloric intake is slashed to nearly nothing in hopes to decrease the time to reach your goals. Instead, your body will fight for homeostasis and in return, plateau. With that resistance, you will be holding on to every single ounce of fat possible. Or even worse, rebound to an even higher amount of fat and weight than before you started.

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Get Low with our boy Dillon Francis. Not your caloric intake.


With a downshifted metabolism to match the insanely low caloric intake, your floor can not be pushed any lower. Basically, you’re at rock bottom.

The only way to break through would be by increasing exercise. But that only works for so long as it becomes more and more difficult to recover from the increase in physical activity, mainly in in the form of resistance training.


A majority of your calories will come in the form of carbohydrates via vegetables and fruits. Now do not get us wrong. These are as healthy as you can get and probably the best part of a juice cleanse. Everyone can benefit from more fruits and veggies in their life.

But remember your goal: TO LOSE FAT.

Since you just came off a period of over indulgence, we will bet our future precious gains that you did so in the name of carbs. Why? Because they are delicious and extremely easy to overeat. Especially when processed with high sugar content.

Even though the fruits and veggies in your juices are “healthy” carbohydrates, they are still sugar at their most simple molecular structure. When digested, the body will not be able to tell the difference between the carbs from a juice, a package of Swedish fish, or a cup of white rice.

What your body, particularly the hormone insulin, really needs is a period of lower carbohydrates to reset and improve one’s sensitivity to use glucose more efficiently. 


To build off the last point, these sugar loaded juices will cause your blood sugar levels to be unstable. This will only lead to energy crashes, irritability, and intense cravings for more sugar. Not something you want while trying to get back on track.

Then to make matters even worse, you aren’t allowed to drink your precious cup of coffee. What the actual fuck?


Lastly, the process of juicing itself removes most of the fiber in the fruit and vegetables. This fiber slows down digestion to improve satiety, aids with the absorption of other nutrients, and actually helps CLEANSE the GI tract.

Kinda ironic that there is low to no fiber in a juice cleanse when it helps cleanse the system…

By removing the fiber, we also eliminate the thermic effect of food in the body. Basically, we’re shortening ourselves on calories that we could be burning through the act of eating and digesting alone. Although it’s negligible when it comes to carbohydrates and fat, we will take whatever we can get. Especially when it’s easy, free calories burned.

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Those are five key problems when it comes to relying on a juice cleanse to improve your body composition.

Because no one likes Debbie Downer and so that we don’t come off as haterz, you need a solution that’s going to actually change your body for once in awhile.

Luckily for you, it doesn’t cost a life fortune until that $90 dollar, 3 day juice cleanse. No, this solution is completely free.

We proudly introduce you to our — well actually your FRESH START course. It’s a complete guide to give your body a do-over and kick start a healthier and sexier you.

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The FRESH START was specifically designed and written with you in mind. After hearing so many people became frustrated when they didn’t change their body after a detox and only gained back the weight they lost during the miserable period, we knew we had to come up with a better fix.

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