Flex Fest 2016: Shoulders & Arms

Ahh, you’ve chosen to jump down the rabbit hole head first and venture into the land where endless shoulder and arm gains await.

Congratulations, you must be a savage.  Frankly, anybody must be to take on this workout.Read the rest

7 Sure-Fire Strategies To Stay Lean on Vacation

Ahh, the apex of summer. Time for a full week of pure relaxation, tropical sunshine, and if your family is like ours, incessant laughter.

Summer family vacation; one of America’s favorite pastimes.

America’s infatuation with the annual family vacation started … Read the rest

Embrace The Suck: Achieve Greatness

Nobody was ever inherently born a master at their craft.

Even Tom Brady had to take a few bumps and bruises before becoming the G.O.A.T.


Few, if any, have explained this better than Will Smith when he said, “The separation Read the rest

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