Selfish As Fuck: Why Being The “Nice Guy” Is Holding You Back

“Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

The Air New Zealand announcement interrupted the hundreds of thoughts racing through my mind as I fastened by seatbelt for the 6,714-mile journey ahead of me. An adventure that I had Read the rest

Combating The Late Night Cravings

How to Win the Battle Against Midnight Munchies

Don’t mind that noise. That’s just the growl of an angry stomach as it expresses its frustration as we begin the fight of the fat loss’ number one enemy. As the thoughts Read the rest

How To Build Muscle On Vacation

“High Tide!”, I anxiously responded in preparation for my first taste of this special root that was known for its relaxing effect on your body while leaving your mind as be.

“Give him a tsunami!” joked a lovely elderly man, Read the rest