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Online Coaching | Sons of Strength
The Secret Behind Hollywood’s Most Prized Physiques Is Revealed
Your Time Has Come To Build Blockbuster Muscle, Get Lean for the Limelight, and Totally Transform Your Body
Eric & Ryan Johnson
Founders of Sons of Strength
As brothers and celebrity trainers, we are not ones to train and tell. Our training tactics and nutrition strategies have been kept a family secret…until now.

For a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can undergo the same coaching experience as your favorite star to achieve your own bad-ass body.
Note From Your Future Coaches
How We Can Help You Finally Change For Once and All
What’s up good lookin'?

Eric and Ryan Johnson here. You may know us by our alias, the Sons of Strength. 

Our entire lives, we’ve always been an inseparable duo. From pickup games in the neighborhood to training and sparring partners, we thought of our ourselves as the Bash Bros...of Fitness. [What up all you '90s kids.]

Now, we have officially decided to dust off the old uniforms (sleeveless, of course) and team up once again.

This time to deliver the hands-down BEST online coaching program available.

You see, we used to train side by side in the heart of New York City. Until Eric decided to pack his bags and ship off to the City of Angels, also known as Hollywood.

After some lonely workouts apart, we had to find a way to keep the Bash Bros alive and pumping. And our mandatory set of bicep curls on Friday, of course.

Luckily, we have been reunited and taking over the Big Apple once again. 

But enough about us. This is about YOU.

It’s about our passion for helping people achieve a body they could be proud of with the performance to back up what they saw in the mirror. People just like your pretty self.

With that, Sons of Strength Online Coaching was born.
As Featured In:
Look down for a moment. You see where you're standing? We've stood exactly where you are right now in a similar pair of Converse or fresh Nike’s.

We despised how we looked. For bros, we were extremely body conscious. The mirror became enemy number one. The word “husky” was part of our wardrobe. Even though we were captains of our varsity football teams, our confidence was non-existent.

Plain and simple, our appearance negatively affected everything else in our lives.

Something had to change. We had to change.

Eric was sick of always being last during sprints. He dreamt of being fast like the Flash.

After finding himself third string on the roster, Ryan had to crack the starting line-up. He desired the strength of the Hulk.

Those action heroes on the silver screen kept our hopes alive that we, too, could become the heroes of our own stories.

In all honesty, we would have traded anything to have their bodies; even more than their superpowers.

Instead, we were some fellas with every excuse in the book, a family that loves their food, and broken spirits.

But with the constant motivation from our favorite action heroes, the support of one another, and a consistent plan, we eventually became a better version of our prior selves. One day after the other. Even when we fell, we were there to help one another get back up, dust the dirt off, and give it another shot.

To this day, that hasn't stopped. The support and accountability from one another are invaluable to our success.

Through persistence and a burning desire, we discovered our own recipe and finally tasted the sweetness of body composition success. The family secrets of how to build dense muscle and strip off body fat were discovered. For not only ourselves but the human specimens in movies like...
Yes, we have proudly contributed to the visuals of these movies. No, not the set designs. Maybe a touch of the action. Most definitely, the actual body transformations worn by your favorite characters.

We did not place them here to impress you. Far from it. We've placed them here to impress upon you what is possible.

To show you we have actually had the FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE creating the bodies of the bad-asses - heroes and villains alike - you’ve come to love (or hate).

Before you label us as another "celebrity trainer" with false promises, let us show you that it can be done and IT HAS BEEN DONE without:
  • the use of performance-enhancing drugs
  • extreme dieting strategies
  • dedicating every waking moment to the gym
  • hiring a personal chef
  • spending all of your hard-earned money on a trainer with lackluster results
To be completely honest, the Winter Soldier spent only 3 days a week in the gym to create his action hero body.
"The job presented a nice opportunity to push myself in a big way. I’ve always been fit, but have never been to this point."

- Sebastian Stan, Actor
Now, you can achieve a physique worthy of the big screen, too. [We just can’t make any promises on the casting or delivering an Oscar-worthy performance.]
Don't Take Our Word For It. See For Yourself...
Want To Be Our Next 
Jaw-Dropping Transformation?

Claim Yours Right Now By Applying To Our Exclusive Coaching Program.
Do You Feel LOST or OVERWHELMED When You Step Into The Gym?
How many times have you had a crappy workout just because you didn’t know what to do that day? Yeah, us too...

You either don’t know what you should be doing for your goals OR you know way too much and need it all packaged and simplified.

In today’s media, there is so much information on what’s right and what’s wrong. Let us cut through the bullshit and figure out the best approaches specific to YOU.

You don't have to think at all.

Just follow the devised plan and watch as you transform before your very eyes.
"SOS are passionate: passionate about training, passionate about life, and passionate about making their clients better. SoS walks the walk, talks the talk, and, perhaps most importantly in an industry awash with charlatans, reads the literature."

- Andrew N.
Are You Unknowingly Leaving 
Progress and Gains On The Table?
Stop questioning whether you’re doing what it takes to make progress. Quit wasting your time.

In a world where time is so valuable, leave all the details to us. We will design every little aspect of your training and nutrition. From sets, reps, and rest periods to your macros, nutrient timing, supplement regimen, we’ve got all ends covered so that all you have to do is EXECUTE. 

And most importantly, HAVE FUN during the process.

Now aren't you lucky to have found us, two bros?
"Sons of Strength have changed my life and my outlook on fitness. It's provided me with a baseline for future work, as well as the confidence to do more. The exercise plans were great, the advice on nutrition was invaluable, and Eric was incredibly responsive."
Every Morning, Do You Dread Having to Face That Stranger’s Body In The Mirror?
If you never want to be the person who starts off a sentence with “when I was your age…”, then you have come to the right place. Stop being stuck in the past when you have so much potential to achieve in the immediate future.

Clocking in to that 9 to 5 has begun take a toll on you. Gone are the days of your careless youth and crazy college years. Now you must take the wheel on your own body and veer off the road to the infamous “Dad Bod”.

Our Coaching Program is your chance at a return to your prime physical state.
"Ryan and Eric’s program has been the most effective and fun program I’ve ever attempted. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot, lost fat, and gained strength. I recommend it to anyone looking to get into better shape."

- Fletcher H.
And If Those Transformation Pictures Weren't Enough, 
See What They're Saying...
Andrea Powell, Actress
"I turned to the Sons of Strength when I had a short time to prepare for a very important photo shoot, followed by public appearances during New York Fashion Week. Needless to say, as an 'actress-of-a-certain-age,' I needed a program that would not only get me camera-ready quickly and allow me to confidently step out in sample-size dresses, but also keep me injury-free and motivated. And of course, it needed to work with my crazy schedule. The Sons of Strength delivered and then some! Not only was I honed and ready when the cameras rolled and clicked, but my overall fitness and energy level have improved greatly. The workouts are easy to understand, don't require any special equipment, and pack a lot of punch into just a little time. The results have also lasted long past when I needed them to, giving me confidence that I'll always be ready for the next appearance. I recommend the Sons of Strength with all my pumping heart. I'm hooked for life."
Stephane Smarth, Muay Thai Champion
"Working with Ryan and Eric Johnson of Sons of Strength has been the single biggest contribution to my success in the ring. I have been training and competing in Muay Thai for a little over 4 years now and since bringing on SOS in my corner as my official strength and dieting coach I have been able to take my talents to a whole new level. These guys know their stuff; they’re always learning and genuinely care about the people they train. Thank you guys for being so passionate about what you do."
RUUMER, Recording Artists
“As Recording Artists it is imperative that we are in great physical condition. Whether it’s preparing for a Music Video, Photo Shoot, or Concert, Eric and Ryan always have the right formula to get us looking and feeling our best! They cater specifically to our needs each session and even give us workout routines for when we are traveling. Through training with the Sons of Strength, we are more comfortable in our bodies, more confident, and have more stamina when performing. Eric and Ryan have great energy and always makes our workouts fun and entertaining. Before training with them, we used to view working out as a chore but now we thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to our sessions every week!”
Josh Lehrer, Photographer
"I started working with Eric shortly after a very serious surfing accident. My orthopedic surgeon believed I would never have full range of motion again. Eric refused to accept that. Two sessions a week and two years later, I have full range of motion and am completely out of pain. I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my life and not for nothin’ – I look AMAZING."
Suzanne Hylenski, Broadway Performer
“As a dancer in a Broadway show, it is essential that I maintain a strong and conditioned body. Eric has been wonderful to work with. Not only does he have a supportive and understanding nature, he listens, respects my needs and has helped me work through many injuries and reach my goals. I continually look forward to each session knowing he will help me reach my personal best.”
You were born with potential.

You were born as a blank canvas; free to craft and shape yourself to your truest desires.

You were born with a greatness deep inside of you; waiting to be unleashed.

The greatest physiques were crafted one rep at a time, one set at a time, one day at a time, by those who unleashed that greatness.

You are not meant to settle for lackluster results; so don't.

You are destined to complete your journey.

Let us show you the way.
So...What Exactly Is Online Coaching?
Initial Consultation
The process starts with a few in-depth questionnaires and assessments. From there, we will discuss in details your goals, past training experiences, equipment and gym accessibility, limiting factors, and injury history. We don’t kiss on the first date…We go all the way.
From our phone call and assessments, we develop a comprehensive training program that is tailored specifically to you, your goals, and what you have available to you. There are no limitations here. This is where we become artists and create the perfect workouts. Then deliver it sealed with a kiss.
We will devise a nutrition strategy that will work for you and your lifestyle while supporting your goals. Whether it’s creating specific habits, enhancing your health, improving your body composition, or determining a specific macronutrient breakdown, we will dissect your current diet and create a game plan for the silverware.
You will receive access to our exclusive coaching site. We call it our playhouse. Here you will find information to supplement your specific training program and diet strategy. Such as thorough explanations, video content, motivation, and any other resources we can provide to better your experience in the gym.
We take your success personally. You are family. We can give you all the tools to succeed but your success in our coaching program will be dependent to your own compliance. Since we can’t be with you physically, we have daily assessments in place where you will have to report different aspects of your training, lifestyle, and recovery.
When you decide and are accepted into our coaching program, you become family. That means you get exclusive access to us via e-mail. That means constant communication, troubleshooting, and feedback to give you the attention you need and deserve.
YES! I Want In.
If you’re ready to start your transformation and become one of our next unreal testimonials, the next step is to fill out the application below.

As you can imagine, the limited 5 spots opened up every month are extremely coveted and the competition gets heated.

So, do not hesitate and wait. Apply RIGHT NOW so that we can welcome you into the family and you can become a Son of Strength, too.
Copyright 2017 - Sons of Strength - Bash Bros of Fitness
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