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Freak Muscle
Have you ever wondered...
How Are Some People 
SMuch Stronger, More Muscular, and Physically Gifted Than Others?
What could they possible possess, know, or do that you do not?
Do they just have freak genetics to have the show and go?

Are they chemically enhanced to be both muscular and lean?

What is their secret diet or training tactic?
Let Us Solve The Mystery to an Unreal Body That Will 
Turn Heads, Drop Jaws, and Have People Question 
How You Transformed Into A Freak of Nature...
As Featured On:
From the Physique Lair 
of the Sons of Strength: 
Celebrity Trainers & Transformation Specialists,
Eric Johnson and Ryan Johnson
Okay, so something tells us that you’re here to find some answers. 

And you’ve come to the right place. We know exactly why you’ve come here and what it is that you’re looking for. 
  • You’re frustrated to the point of quitting because you’re in a monster training rut. 
  • You’re bored to death with your uninspired work outs. 
  • You feel defeated by your lack of progress. 
In the beginning, the mere sight of the iron created serious muscle growth. Increasing strength and building muscle were a piece of cake. It was a freaky and magical period where everything came easily, no matter what you ate or what set and repetition schemes you followed. 

But now, the hypertrophy honeymoon is over.

Those 30 pounds of muscle that you put on at the start are difficult to maintain, let alone improve upon. Every workout feels like a dog fight leaving you battered and bruised but without any muscle to show for it. You’re on a plateau as big as the Tibetan. 

At this point, you think you’ve tried it at all; from the works of legendary coaches like Gironda, Poliquin, Simmons, and Tate to methods that have stood the test of time like GVT, Sets to Failure, Clusters, and Giant Sets. That’s just cracking the surface. 

Every diet and training protocol leaves you spinning your wheels and even more desperate to find the solution. 

You must be doomed, right? 

Not so fast. Before you start blaming your genetics and believe you’ve reached your muscular potential already, you are going to want to hear this. 

It just so happens that we are giving up our family’s best-kept secret on how to build so much muscle, it’s freaky. 

We, too, were once at the crossroads where you currently stand. We were completely lost without a muscle map at our disposal. We were beyond frustrated and ready to accept our fate of minimum muscular potential.

Until we cracked the code to FREAK MUSCLE

And we’re ready to expose these exact cutting-edge tactics to build more muscle than you ever thought possible. 

But before those methods are exposed, there is something you must know...
Everything You Know About 
Muscle Growth Is WRONG!
If you’re like us, which we have a strong feeling you are, you’ve come to realize that building muscle is much easier said than done. In theory, hypertrophy is simple. Eat in a caloric surplus and increase strength with mainly multi-compound lifts and some isolation work. 

Again, it sounds simple and effective…on paper. 

That is until you do exactly that and you get absolutely nowhere. Despite adding pounds to all your major lifts and eating 500 calories above your maintenance, you only gain a small amount of muscle within a 6 month period. 
Or at least that’s what the scale says. Well, depending on the day. 

You start to get nervous and question everything you’ve ever done. It sure is a scary feeling. Hell, it could make you even want to quit.  

We’re here to tell you that it’s not your fault

Everything you’ve learned up until this point about building muscle was wrong. Those programs didn’t necessarily lie to you but they certainly did not tell you the whole story. 

But we are here to tell you that you still have a ton of muscular potential that is waiting to be unlocked. There is so much muscle growth that you are leaving on the table. It’s yours, up for grabs. 


When a respective coach wants to test out one of your programs, emotions of nervousness and excitement take over. 

So, that's exactly how we felt when fellow trainer of the same last name, Ben Johnson, decided to evolve into a freak and dedicate 12 weeks of his training to this exact Freak Muscle program. 

He started the workouts feeling like a freaking animal to actually turning into a freak himself. Just look at that lat spread!

Ben went on to gain over 6 pounds of pure muscle, hit PR's on his deadlift, and add inches all over his frame. 



Once Norman said he wanted to put on the mass, our eyes lit up. After applying the training methods and nutrition strategies in this program, he achieved some serious results. Just take a look at those transformation photos. 

Norman arrived at 19 pounds heavier while actually getting leaner. Now that’s just freaky to go from 193 to 212 pounds and reduce your body fat percentage. 

“Throughout the SOS program, I saw lots of progress and the different phases definitely kept my motivation up.”


Dan's results speak for themselves. Just take a look at that transformation picture. All he needed was the right training methods and nutrition protocol to develop some insane muscle. Dan executed and unleashed his inner freak. The rest is history.

“By full utilizing the program, mentoring and fantastic coaching, I have achieved new levels of fitness.”
The Real Reasons Why You're Not 
Building Insane Muscle Mass
We are going to breakdown the 3 obstacles you will face when it comes to maximal muscle growth and exactly how you can overcome them.
Obstacle 1
The game of building muscle is more than adding pounds to the bar, chasing PRs, and increasing your strength. The two are not completely interchangeable. 

Progressive overload is a foundational requirement for muscular growth. Increasing intensity over time will ensure that continual tension is being placed on the targeted muscles. Hence, forcing them to adapt and grow. 

Sure, becoming freakin’ strong has a place in causing a hypertrophic response but it fails to tell the whole story.

Chasing strength gains will only take you so far in achieving a muscular physique. Most of this progress is from neural pathways.

So, even if you can squat, bench and deadlift scary numbers, you will likely only reach 80% of your freak physique potential.

That means you are likely leaving 20% of undeveloped muscle on the table. 
Obstacle 2
Your training lacks any stimulation. You have been stuck in a training rut for the last 6 months to a year. And, you keep resorting to the same training program or protocols.

No wonder why your body has no reason to grow and you’re bored out of your freakin’ mind.

Let us guess. Your workout staples include 5x5 or 3x10, right?

Then it is definitely time for a change.

By incorporating unfamiliar techniques that take you out of your comfort zone, the new stimulus will challenge you and force adaptation.

However, those adjustments should be for the sake of change. The addition of new training techniques should be calculated and methodical.

With specific strategies to create an anabolic environment for maximal muscle growth, you will grow and your training will be exciting once again.
Obstacle 3
To pack on monstrous amounts of muscle and unleash your freakiest body yet, you must know the primary drivers behind accomplishing those physique goals.

When it comes to sleeve-busting gains and maximum hypertrophy, there are three mechanisms behind building muscle.

They are mechanical tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress. Achieving all three are vital to muscle growth and your program must be taken them into account.

If not, you are using the wrong tools to get the job done.

Too many times, we try to accomplish to everything at once. We want to be stronger, leaner, better conditioned and more muscular.

While some of these attributes are interchangeable, you will only achieve mediocre results at best. Instead, you need to dial in on one specific goal.

If you are using a strength-based program that is designed to break PRs, you will build muscle. But you will not achieve freaky density, separation, and vascularity.

If you are using a fat-loss based program, you may create the illusion of more muscle by becoming leaner. You will certainly not build muscle in a caloric deficit and can actually end up losing muscle. In the worst case scenario, you could run the risk of looking “skinny-fat”.

The problem is using a training program that is specifically designed for hypertrophy if building optimal muscle is the overall goal.
The Solution To All Your Physique Problems
Right now, we are going to reveal the truth about building so much muscle, it's just plain scary.

There is a constant tug of war between the mechanisms of hypertrophy. Mechanical tension and metabolic stress produce the muscle damage, the third piece of muscle growth. However, these two factors are in a sibling rivalry.

Typically what happens when you increase mechanical tension by increasing load on the bar, metabolic stress decreases since less repetitions can be achieved. If you just take the weight off the bar, metabolic stress increases but we lose the tension side of the equation.

So, what is the solution to creating muscle damage and in return, growth?

If only there was a complete training system that tackled these issues and focused on producing freak results.

A program that encompassed all the factors of freak muscle and delivered the results in one outright package. 
It Just So Happens, We Developed A Training System That...
  • Shocks Your Nervous System Into Immediate Growth
  •  Unlocks Your Muscular Potential with Unorthodox Methods That Build Muscle Quickly
  •  Allows You To Turn Heads, Bust Through Your Sleeves and FINALLY Grow Into Your Clothes. Goodbye Small Sized Shirts.
  •  Gains Back Your Excitement To Work Out With Fresh Yet Effective Strategies
A $249 Value, For only:

    The Complete Freak Muscle-Training Manual
    ($99 Value)


    This is the holy grail to Freak Muscle. In this training manual, every single thing you need to execute has been broken down and included. From the training theory and supportive evidence behind the program's design to the complete 4 Phase work outs. 

    It's all here and more. Best part is that you are receiving 12 Weeks of detailed training and nutrition recommendations for $37. That's a steal when you consider a single session of private coaching with just one of us costs over $250.

    Freak of Nature Nutritional Strategies 
    ($99 Value)


    Nutrition can be scary. But with the right guidance and actionable steps, these diet strategies can turn you into an absolute Freak of Nature.

    Within this nutritional bible, we are giving you exactly what you need to build dense, thick muscle. Including our freak factors that will separate you and your body from mainstream society.

    The Guide to Freak Supplements
    ($49 Value)


    Supplements might freak you out. That's why we've down the research, experimented on ourselves and effectively implemented with our clients exactly what supplements are worth it. We were basically lab rats for you and your forthcoming muscle growth.

    Since we are after freaky muscle, we will utilize the freakiest yet safest supplements at our disposal to push your growth to the limit. This manual breaks that all down for you.
    Who Is Freak Muscle NOT For?
    1. You’re a newbie on your journey to building muscle and that’s okay! However, this program was specifically designed for intermediate to advanced trainees. We recommend that you squeeze as much out of the basics first. Then when you hit a plateau or want to take the next step, Freak Muscle will be waiting for you.

    2. You’re not willing to go outside of your comfort zone. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over but expecting the same results. In order to grow and build this freak muscle, you will need to try new, unfamiliar things and really work your ass off throughout this program.
    100% Money Back Guarantee

    We are so confident that you’re going to LOVE the Freak Muscle Training Program and the results that you achieve while following the methods for the next 12 weeks, here’s our promise to you: For ANY reason that you are not completely satisfied or decide that transforming into a freak isn’t for you after 60 Days of purchasing the product, we will give you every single cent back. No questions asked. 
    What Are You Waiting For?
    Here's your last chance to defy the odds, overcome your genetics, and become a freak of nature in your own right.
    P.S: If You Have Any Questions Regarding This Product, Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us at broknows@sonsofstrength.com
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