Welcome To Our Jungle
Why, hello there good lookin'.

Eric and Ryan Johnson, here. That’s right, your two new bros.

Don’t worry. We won’t tease you, put you in a rear naked chokehold, or lock you out on your hotel’s balcony (that’s a story for another time). Instead, we will help you with all things to look damn sexy naked, perform like a savage, and live an epic adventure. 

Even though they say you can’t choose your blood, we wanted to send you a little welcome into your new family - The Sons of Strength. Best part is that you actually had a choice in the matter, this time around. 

Trust us. When we heard you were our new sibling, we got all sorts of excited. 

Sons of Strength was formed after Eric was such a good little boy and our parents decided to have another. Thankfully, Ryan wasn’t the eldest or that would be a totally different story. 

As we grew up, this little duo’s playtime transitioned from a basement filled with legos and action figures to a bunch of rusted iron - after convincing our parents they didn’t need the space anyway. 

Just like that, our brotherly bond was forged by blood and iron. That’s what brings us here today. 

Sons of Strength is bigger than just us, two knuckleheads. It’s about you and your journey to a better you. We believe that begins with transforming mind and letting your body follow.  

So, our promise to you is to give you our no holds barred opinions, detailed experiences, and actionable steps towards strengthening your mind, building muscle and losing fat. 

That begins by giving you the Best of Sons of Strength. Here's your little quick start into our world. A cheat sheet of sorts...
The Best of Sons of Strength
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