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How One Set Can Transform Your Body Into a Beast

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All it takes is one set.

One ring. One set.


One set in and I just didn’t have it.

Pushing through a few more repetitions into my training session and I knew…

I was going through the motions. Just getting the reps completed and the sets finished. With little effort, I was half assing this workout at best. 

I wasn’t worried about adding another plate to the bar. I didn’t care about the tempo. Forget even taking a look at the clock for rest periods.

My mind was everywhere else besides on the task at hand. I was physically at the gym but mentally I was on a different planet. 

I was ready to throw in the towel. Move on and save my efforts for another day. I refrain to call it quits but rather live to fight another day. 

Sometimes you just need to take the day off. I don’t consider that quitting but knowing your body. You can get better by recovering too. However, there is a difference between listening to your body and just being lazy. I decided I was a tiny bit closer to the latter. 

So I decided to continue on…

Thankful that I did. Why you might ask? Because I remembered…


And that one single thing saved my training session like so many before that lacked the energy and passion. 

That one thing is to give all you have, your best effort, into one single set. 

Just BRING IT on every rep on this one set. 

Whether that’s by piling the weight on the bar, picking up a heavier set of dumbbells, grinding out as many repetitions as possible, or perfecting the tempo and feeling every repetition. 

In this set, I want you to leave it all on the floor.

You should be making pain face and crazy eyes. 


You should be grunting. Maybe drool and spit are coming from your mouth. You should finish knowing you had nothing left to give. 

If you dedicate yourself to do this every time you step foot in the gym, I promise that you will get better. 

You will progress. You will improve not only your body but your mind. 

This one set is the game changer in your fitness journey. Even if you didn’t bring your A-Game that day, you will get better and you will feel better. 

Even at your lowest moments, I need you to dig deep and pull out whatever you have left. Devote that willpower to this one set. 

That’ s all I want you to do today, tomorrow, and the day after. 


You can do that, right?