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Add Skipping To Your Warm Up To Increase Your Power

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Let’s face it. You may not be an athlete. Your Nike endorsement check may not pay for all your cribs, cars, and kid’s college education. You may not have your own sneaker line. Hell, you may have never even picked up a ball before.

But there’s still hope. You certainly can still LOOK like an athlete.

Too many times, that’s not the initial case.

Sure, almost all bros can do a good set of push-ups and bicep curls with the right cueing. Ask them to skip and we have an entirely different story.

[Ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you. Fortunately for our better counterparts, a majority of women tend to crush skipping.]

Now you might be thinking…

Who cares about skipping anyway? Leave that for daisy fields, we want to build more muscle and get leaner, son. Summer is right around the corner.

Hold on for a second. Let’s just lay this out there…Twenty inch arms and abs of steel will not do anything if you move like Herman Munster. 

You laugh, but it’s true. Most individuals skip like they have two left feet. This simple drill from your childhood quickly becomes one of your most UN-athletic movements.

Do us a favor. Get up out of your seat right now and just take a little walk around the room. Your hips could use the break. Now when you do this, we want you to pay specific attention to what your arms and legs are doing.

Ready…Set…Go for that stroll.

Ok, so what did you notice?

Your OPPOSITE arm and leg move together while you walk. Even more simplified, when you take a step with your RIGHT foot, your LEFT arm swings forward simultaneously.

Now when most trainees try skipping for the first time, this basic movement get thrown right out of the window. They quickly resort to a RIGHT foot, RIGHT arm action. That looks just plain goofy.

Lucky for you, Ryan shares how you can INSTANTLY improve your athleticism with this dynamic warm up.

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Now you can use this 11 exercise sequence before any session and no matter what your goals are. Try it before your next fat loss workout, general performance session, or specific sport practice like your city softball league. This is especially effective when keeping your athletic movements in check when on a physique oriented program that has a lot of bodybuilding principles.

In addition to increasing your tissue’s temperature, you will improve your overall athleticism while the nervous system is fresh and able to acquire new skills. In the video below, Ryan shows you some basic skipping and then really progresses it to some versions that you probably have never seen.

The goal of this or any great dynamic warm up to is expose our bodies and minds to a variety of ranges of motion and different planes of movement. The better we teach our brains that it is safe to go into these positions, the better we will become at reducing the chance of injury in those foreign ranges.

Here is a breakdown of the dynamic warm up in the video that will totally improve your overall athleticism:

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Walking Skip Forward

Walking Skip Backwards

Skipping Forward

Skipping Backward

Skipping Lateral

Right Leg Skip, Left Leg Walk

Left Leg Skip, Right Leg Walk

Lateral Shuffle

Carioca (Foot Behind Only)

Carioca (Foot In Front Only)

Full Carioca


From picking up houses to unveiling the veins in your big toe, no matter the personal fitness goals, we always want our clients to look and move athletically. Beyond it just looking pretty or in case they decide to unleash their weekend warrior, athleticism makes everything else work better.

Yes, we just said pretty. In our eyes, the balance between being powerful and elegant is damn pretty.

It’s the same as being lean. When you have a lower body fat percentage, your body can efficiently use more carbohydrates and overall calories.

This dynamic warm up is just the iceberg to helping you achieve a body that not only looks better but performs better.

Don’t be a benchwarmer when you can be the Michael Jordan of your body.

Have a body that screams power and strength. One that blends physique with performance just like your favorite superheroes.

That is the ultimate goal and one you can achieve starting with this dynamic warm up.

If you are willing to take it to the next level, we might have just found one of the best programs that does exactly that…build your best-looking and best-performing body.

Talk about good timing. It just so happens our good friend and great coach, Eric Bach just released his Power Primer for those of your searching to unlock their inner athlete.

[images style=”0″ image=”http%3A%2F%2Fsonsofstrength.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F05%2Fpp-dvd2-300×253.png” width=”300″ link_url=”http%3A%2F%2Fsonsofstre.bachreric.hop.clickbank.net%2F” new_window=”Y” align=”center” top_margin=”0″ full_width=”Y”]

Start skipping and then grab this program if you want to rediscover your athleticism, become more powerful than ever before, and display some dangerous arms. You will not be disappointed.