Why are my hips always so tight?

Chances are you’re seated right now reading this. Hell, I’m sitting writing it.

Let’s face it. We all sit way too damn much.

Since you sat down to watch your first Saturday cartoon’s, the war to regain your posture has … Read the rest

Recipe: Turkey Cashew Salad

Hope all of our Sons had a great Thanksgiving. In the last year, we’ve had so much to be thankful for. Our health, family, friends, new and old, all the opportunities we’re given every morning we rise, and of course, … Read the rest

Strong is the New Skinny: Without the Bulk

Ladies, your attention please. This is a Sons of Strength public service announcement.





There is nothing sexier than watching a woman fearlessly attempt a deadlift more than her bodyweight, swing a kettlebell with … Read the rest