Spicing Up The Med Ball Slam

Monotony is the dagger that stabs the heart of enjoyment. Variation is the shield that keeps the pleasure alive while keeping the objective in sight.

Bodybuilders preach variety to aid in growing intensely specific areas of a muscle. Little tweaks Read the rest

Life-Changing Lessons From Living In A Foreign Country

One week. That’s how short of notice I was given that the following Tuesday I would be in business class, making the 15+ hour flight to my new home away from home… Wellington, New Zealand.

Seven precious days to Read the rest

Are Snacks Making You Fat?

There’s this one drawer in our parents’ home that we call the snack drawer. When we go over to our Aunt’s house, she’s got one too. Well her’s is more of a cupboard. Hell, even Grandma’s got the Andes Chocolate Read the rest